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[140329]  Daegu Fansign | cr: Black Label

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[140716] Hyukjin’s Twitter Update

그래요. 내이름은. 찬욘 탐정이죠 ㅋ

Yup thats right. My name is. Chanyon detective ke

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does somebody know what means this sign by fingers? ㅠ.ㅠ

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[140330]  Ilsan Fansign | cr: RH+

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[DAZE ON 100%] The end of fansigning events for mini album ‘BANG the BUSH’

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[DAZE ON 100%] The end of fansigning events for mini album ‘BANG the BUSH’

[english cr: real100per , Take out with full credit]


Hyukjin Fan Chat On 7th August 2013 

[Note: Both Hyukjin and Changbum were chatting with fans on the same day at the same time] 

Hyukjin: Everyone, I have something to announce -smile- My eye sight is bad today T__T and I can’t see the words well T__T so please chat with me slowly. I didn’t bring my spectacles today with me that’s why. 


Hyukjin: Eh? -smile- Contact lenses? I don’t wear contact lenses because they’ll make my eyes go red (make the eyes go dry) so please chat slowly -smile- alright? ^^ hehe 


Hyukjin: Everyone’s kind and cute 

(he’s typing in Busan dialect but unfortunately, it’s impossible to replicate those adorable dialect he said in this translation) 


Hyukjin: Changbum is annoying me with his nonsensical questions -laughs- 

I’ll kill you if you ask me nonsensical questions!!! I didn’t started it!! I’ll kill you!! Park Soo Ha!!…How did it ended up like this??~ -laughs- 

(imitating a character in the drama <I Can Hear Your Voice>) 


Fan: What dramas are you going to watch now that <I Can Hear Your Voice> has ended? 

Hyukjin: I’m not sure. Let’s hear your opinions. 

Fan: Good Doctor, Master’s Sun~~~

Hyukjin: Hold on -smile- My eyes hurt -smile- I like romantic dramas!

Fan: Nodame Cantabile, Who Are You, From Me To You

Hyukjin: I’ll take all of these into consideration -smile- 


Hyukjin: Let’s move on to Questions & Answers time. Have you watched the latest episode of 100Per NEWS? 

(he’s referring to 100Per NEWS EP03 in which the members played pranks on each other with a secret camera within a secret camera)

Those foolish kids. I won’t be easily tricked by them. Ask me questions please! 

(pointing out fan’s names)


Fan: Please ask me a question instead oppa. 

Hyukjin: ㅇㅁㅇ…ㅇㅅㅇ… (he’s flustered) 

How was 100Per NEWS? -smile-

Fan: The contents of the show is always the same

Hyukjin: T__T We’ll work hard -smile- OK I got it. We’ll come up with other ideas -smile- 


Fan: Which member do you think is easily influenced by others? 

Hyukjin: Rokhyun, our cute Rokhyun-hyung -laughs- Please keep this a secret alright? I’ll kill you if you say this out ㅇㅁㅇ


Fan: Oppa please ask me a question.

Hyukjin: Why? T__T Stop doing this to me.

When did you take off your socks? (the fan’s nickname was -Barefooted Hyukjin-) 


Hyukjin: Stop making fun of me! I’ll kill everyone who makes fun of me ㅇㅁㅇ -laughs- 

Fan: … (the fan didn’t answer his question)

Hyukjin: So -Barefooted Hyukjin- does not wear any socks at all.


Fan: I have to clean up the class tomorrow so please give me useful tips on how to clean the classroom. 

Hyukjin: What are you in charge of? The broom or the mop? -smile-

If you’re in charge of the broom, just stand next to the kid holding the dustpan and pretend to sweep the floor -smile-

If you’re in charge of the mop, slide it across the classroom without rinsing the water *^_^*


Fan: When you’re cooking instant noodles, which will you add into the pot first? The noodles or the seasoning powder? 

Hyukjin: Seasoning powder! 

Fan: Wrong! You have to fill the pot with water first -laughs-

Hyukjin: Ah! ㅇㅁㅇ Pfft! ㅇㅁㅇ Tsk tsk! 


Fan: How bad is your eyesight? 

Hyukjin: I’m not really sure but I have a severe case of astigmatism. I was told that it’s more than 10%…ㅇㅁㅇit’s really daebak isn’t it? 


Fan: If you were to reborn as the other members? 

Hyukjin: No no no no no

(he said this even before the fan finished asking his/her question) 


Fan: IF you can be another member? 

Hyukjin: I refuse to answer -laughs- I’m sorry but please ask me again. 


Fan: Which member you really don’t want to be reborn as? 

Hyukjin: Sanghoon. I can’t live with that kind of personality (fussy and obstinate) -laughs- If you spill this out, I’ll kill you and everyone else who heard it -roars- 


Hyukjin: Ask me a question 

(pointing out to a fan with the nickname -Sharp Hyukjin-)

Hyukjin: Eh? You want me to ask you a question instead? I don’t want to >__< Ask me a question.

(the negotiation between Hyukjin and the fan dragged on till finally Hyukjin gave up) 

Hyukjin: Looks like I have no choice. You’re studying hard aren’t you? You won’t be able to meet us if you don’t know study hard. You know right? -smile-

Fan: I’m studying a little…

Hyukjin: Fighting!!!

Fan: That’s right! I’ll study hard so that I can meet you! 

Hyukjin: That’s the spirit! I’ll cheer for you! Fighting! -smile- 

Next is (pointing out to the fan with the nickname -Hyukjin Hyerim-)


Fan: Ah…Oppa, what are you doing now?

Hyukjin: I’ll kill you if you don’t ask me any questions and want me to ask a questio…Oh! You’ve asked a question? I’m sorry -laughs-

(he didn’t notice the fan’s question)

Hyukjin: Practice, meals, practice, watch 100Per NEWS, chatting with fans and will practice more after this -smile- 

I’m doing well aren’t I? Give me some compliments~ 


Fan: I received my scholarship today! Please tell me I did well!  

Hyukjin: Oh! Well done! Daebak congratulations! 


Fan: What song have you been practicing lately? 

Hyukjin: <Arm Pillow> by Brother Su 

It’s a good song so please listen to it ^^ 


Hyukjin: Don’t hesitate to ask me questions that you really, really want to know the answers to -smile- First come first serve! 


Fan: Oppa in which situation do you feel happier? When you’re eating or when you’re performing on stage? Please choose only one -laughs-

Hyukjin: Why must I choose between these 2 options? -laughs- Umm….I eat so that I can work hard and do my best on the stage so can’t I choose both (as my answer) instead? T__T 


Hyukjin: I want to go on chatting with you for more than 1 hour but when Changbum finishes chatting, I’ll have to turn the computer off too. 

(sudden announcement from Hyukjin)


Hyukjin: Jonghwan-hyung isn’t feeling well recently. So everyone please send many get-well wishes to him~ And you didn’t hear this from me! Keep it a secret! If you don’t, I’ll kill you ㅇㅁㅇ -roars-


Fans: OK we won’t tell him. 

Hyukjin: Thank you. I love you. Bye bye~ 

source: @ryuhyunju2002 & fans who participated in the chatting session


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How To Register Daum Account & Join 100% Official Fancafe & Level-Up on Fancafe

Please refer to this tutorial/guide

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shy and nervous Hyesung VS confident and manly Pilkyo :P

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randomly cute 14/


F1 Testing in Bahrain


Jules Bianchi, Nico Rosberg | Australian Grand Prix


HyeSung… LOL :D

Откуда это? XD