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Kyuhyun ” The days” Musical


[S] Official Teaser Images

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[] What Are The Members Sexy Spots? (according to Jonghwan)


[Jonghwan] Starting with Minwoo-hyung

[Jonghwan] His fair skin? kekekekekekekekekeke

[Jonghwan] And

[Jonghwan] Rockhyunie-hyung

[Jonghwan] His tanned skin kekekekekeke 

[Jonghwan] Me

[Jonghwan] I

[Jonghwan] The mole at the bottom of my eyes kekeke

[Jonghwan] Next Changbumie

[Jonghwan] His collarbone hehe

[Jonghwan] Chanyongie 

[Jonghwan] Hold on W

[Jonghwan] His back muscles 

[Jonghwan] And finally

[Jonghwan] Hyukjinie

[Jonghwan] His cute tummy flab keke 


source: 100per_b (from one of the fan chatting sessions)


140326 100% Sukira Rokhyun+Hyukjin English Subbed 

DM link

YT link Part 1 Part 2


Jonghwan Fan Chat On 25 September 2013

Jonghwan: Hello!

Fans: Hello (oppa)! 

Jonghwan: Congratulations! (for getting into the chatting session successfully) 


Jonghwan: The weather has gotten better recently. 

Fan: It’s cold. 

Fan: Just nice. 

Fan: Oppa be careful not to catch a cold. 


Jonghwan: It’s not hot anymore…so that’s good! keke I’m wearing a sleeveless t-shirt now.

Fan: Oppa! It’ll turn cold suddenly later so be careful not to catch a cold!! 

Jonghwan: I’ll catch a cold if I’m dressed like this kekekekeke 

Fan: Please close the windows.

Fan: No! You’ll catch a cold (wearing that). 


Jonghwan: I’m such a fool. I definitely can’t go out like this kekekeke I’ll catch a cold!

Fan: Oppa! Please don’t catch a cold!

Fan: Please keep warm. 

Fan: Please don’t let us worry about you.


Jonghwan: Have you eaten? 

Fan: Because I want to chat with Oppa, I ate my meal quickly.

Fan: I’m in the middle of a diet. 


Jonghwan: Please don’t go on a diet. Hyukjin is always saying he’s on a diet and eats only steamed egg for dinner but it’s all meaningless. Because he had hamburger together with me for supper. 

Fan: kekekekekeke

Jonghwan: He ate more than me. He even had fried chicken (on top of hamburger). 

Fan: Oppa doesn’t need to worry. You’ll lose weight!

Jonghwan: I don’t lose weight though!!

Fan: You’ll lose weight! I’ll die if I gain any weight.

Fan: You like to tease Hyukjin a lot. 

Jonghwan: kekekekeke Hyukjin’s serious expression when I teased him is very amusing.

Fan: kekekekekekeke

Jonghwan: It’s interesting to see his puzzled expression when he’s panicking. 

Fan: Please don’t tease Hyukjin-oppa kekekeke


Jonghwan: Ah~ What should I do now?…Please ask me questions. QnA Time! 


Fan: What did you do recently?

Jonghwan: I’m busy with my acting lessons, working hard in dancing and practicing my singing skills. Basically the normal routine.

Fan: Acting? Really? 

Fan: When is the next comeback?

Fan: Jongsun-eonni?


Jonghwan: kekekeke Jongsun-eonni…is a past I wish to erase. 

Fan: Why? Please do that again.

Fan: I like Jongsun-eonni!

Fan: Jeongsun-eonni was adorable! 

Jonghwan: Why did I do that I wonder?…kekekeke but I think I’ll definitely do a better job (acting as Jongsun-eonni) now. 

Fan: Let’s do it again together with Chanyong kekekekeke

Jonghwan: Chanyong-oppa~ Bbuing~ (showing aegyo)

Fan: kekekekekekeke

Fan: One more time! kekekeke

Fan: What happened to Jonghwan? 

Jonghwan: kekekeke Please ask me if you have other questions.


Fan: What did you do on *100% 1st anniversary? 

Jonghwan: Watching movies, went to the park and had a good rest. I had a movie marathon from dusk to dawn kekeke 

[Note: *100% 1st anniversary was during the Chuseok (Mid-Autumn) Holidays in Korea]

Fan: What kind of movies did you watch? 

Fan: Porn? 

Jonghwan: I watched the movies <Cold Eyes> (starring Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo) and <The Terror Live> (starring Ha Jung Woo). 


Fan: Do you want to act in the future?

Jonghwan: I’ll do my best if I’m given the chance to act (and other activities). 


Fan: How is Hwantar (Jonghwan’s guitar) doing?

Jonghwan: Hwantar is fine kekeke 


Fan: Do you want to act in musicals?

Jonghwan: I do! I want to act in musicals! 

Fan: I think you’ll be a good musical actor. 

Jonghwan: My thoughts exactly! I think I’ll be a good musical actor.


Fan: Oppa! Oppa! Oppa! I miss you! 

Jonghwan: I know~ I know~ I miss you too keke 


Fan: This is kind of early but do you have any plans for Christmas?

Jonghwan: Christmas? Busy practicing I suppose? kekekeke Together with Hwantar kekekeke


Fan: Please come visit us and spend time together with the fans (during Christmas). 

Jonghwan: Ah~ that’ll be nice. Singing <Christmas On The Street> in the middle of a busy street together with Perfections and the snow falling gently from the sky…teary eyes T__T 


Jonghwan: There’s a dance that I’ve been constantly practicing. 

Fan: Please record and show us the dance!

Fan: Sexy dance! 


Jonghwan: I’m not the member who is in charge of being sexy.

Fan: In charge of being cute?

Fan: Why not? You were really sexy when you danced to <I’m Alone> (by Sistar) during the fanmeeting!

Jonghwan: kekeke I’m in charged of everything else besides being sexy.


Fan: Please choose from these: cute, sexy and handsome.

Fan: Oppa is charismatic! 

Fan: Kind? 



Fan: What did the members do on each other’s birthdays?

Jonghwan: I think we were busy practicing. Did we have birthday parties for the members at night? I don’t remember. 


Fan: Why are the members practicing every day? I’ll complain to the company! 

Jonghwan: I do remember we received birthday presents and read letters written by the fans T__T 


Jonghwan: There’s something I want to tell everyone but…I forgot! 

Fan: kekekekekeke Recall your memories!

Jonghwan: What was it that I want to say? Please ask me more questions…kekeke


Fan: What song have you been listening to lately?

Jonghwan: A song…I can’t remember…


Fan: Do you read the mentions from fans (on twitter)?

Jonghwan: I’ll read all the mentions when I upload a selca kekeke I was thinking of what song I’ve been listening to lately that my mind went blank all of a sudden kekeke


Fan: kekekekeke Please take some vitamins kekekekekeke

Jonghwan: What have I been listening to lately?

Fan: Looks like you’re still bothered by it. 

Fan: Perhaps you didn’t listen to any songs lately?

Jonghwan: Aha! I remember! The song <The Lady> is really a nice song! A group with the number 2 in it sang this…(*it’s by 2LSON) A really sweet, nice song. 


Fan: What kind of chatting room is this? (*probably a fan who entered the chat room in the middle of the conversation)

Jonghwan: You can ask me any questions you want. 


Fan: Oppa! Can you please sing that song for us?! I like that song too! 

Jonghwan: Omo…I’ll try my best keke Together with Hwantar~

Fan: kekekekekeke I might become Hwantar’s fan kekekekeke 

Fan: Please, please prettty please~ 


Jonghwan: Before this…

Fan: Yes? 

Jonghwan: Nah it’s nothing…kekeke 

Fan: Did you just forget what you want to say again? kekeke

Jonghwan: No I won’t tell you~ 

Fan: Eh? kekekeke Not telling me…kekekeke


Jonghwan: Everyone scream~ 

Fan: kekekeke Jonghwan, bad boy! 

Fan: I don’t mind~ 

Fan: Kyaaa~!! 

Fan: Wohooo~!! 

Jonghwan: Eiii~~~~


Fan: What are you doing Oppa? 

Fan: An obedient person who does what he/she is told is a good/kind person. 

Fan: Kyaaa~!! 

Jonghwan: Nice~ kekeke 


Fan: You forgotten what you were going to say am I right?

Jonghwan: Anyone else have a question for me? (avoiding answering on purpose)


Fan: What is the best fan gift that you’ve received?

Jonghwan: I like all the presents that are filled with our fans’ love!

Fan: What a nice (well-prepared) comment.

Fan: Oppa is so kind~ 

Jonghwan: (Well-prepared) comment…kekekeke


Fan: Do you like to read comics?

Fan: What kind of comics do guys like to read?

Jonghwan: Older guys would prefer Dragon Ball but guys my age like One Piece or Naruto. 

Fan: What about Detective Conan?

Fan: Naruto is nice. 

Fan: Attack on Titan?

Jonghwan: Girls might prefer to read Detective Conan. Chanyong loves Spiderman kekekeke Although he’s already 21 years old~ Looks like he really admires and wants to be Spiderman~ 


Fan: What is your ideal type? 

Jonghwan: Someone whom I can communicate with~ but the idea of having an ideal type is slowly disappearing kekeke 


Fan: Which drama are you watching after <I Can Hear Your Voice> ended?

Jonghwan: I’ve been watching <Good Doctor> but I gave up half-way.

Fan: Great! I’m watching the same drama too! 

(both Jonghwan and the fan imitated the characters in the drama)


Fan: Do you compose your own songs?

Jonghwan: Yes.


Fan: What time do you go to bed lately?

Jonghwan: Ah~ I can’t fall asleep early because of the Chuseok holidays…T___T I used to fall asleep by midnight T___T but now I only fall asleep at around 4am…I can’t fall asleep…I plan to fall asleep one hour earlier each day (to go back to the normal sleeping time)


Fan: You’ll have breakouts if you keep doing that.

Fan: Don’t sleep too late.

Fan: So what time did you wake up?

Jonghwan: Around 10am or 11:30am? keke please sing a lullaby through the SNS for me kekekeke 


Fan: I’ll send the lullaby tonight. Please wait for me and please rate my singing. 

Jonghwan: I’ll judge it professionally kekekekekeke


Fan: Oppa’s SNS will be filled with lullabies tonight kekekekeke 

Fan: Please reply us with your ratings. 

Fan: Judging professionally sounds good.

Jonghwan: I’m a man of my words! kekekeke


Fan: Have you thought of doing a duet with the members?

Jonghwan: I’ve thought of doing it with all the members, except Hyukjin.


Fan: kekekekekeke Hyukjin why?

Jonghwan: He’s noisy. I don’t want to practice together with him kekekekeke 


Fan: I’ll complain to Hyukjin-oppa! That Jonghwan-oppa said Hyukjin is noisy kekekekeke

Jonghwan: I’m just kidding kekekekeke but it’s true that he’s noisy. It’s necessary to be serious with him sometimes. I need to think of a plan to deal with him. 


Fan: Hyukjin is noisy kekekeke 

Fan: He needs a plan to deal with kekekeke

Jonghwan: You need to play pull-and-push with him. 


Fan: Has Hyukjin fixed his habit of rolling up his sleeves?

Jonghwan: There’re no sleeves to roll up because it’s summer now kekekeke


Fan: It’s almost fall now though. 

Fan: Please ask him to fix his bad habit. 

Jonghwan: He was wearing a sweater with bear ears today kekekeke I can’t even look at him kekekeke Really kekekeke 


Fan: Isn’t that cute?

Fan: I want to see it~ 

Jonghwan: You’ll think it’s cute right? But try looking at it everyday. 


Fan: It’s the time for University Festivals now. Don’t you feel like attending them? 

Jonghwan: University Festivals sounds fun!! I want to go too!! 


Fan: What is the connection between *spam kimchi fried rice with rainy days?

Jonghwan: Ahhhhh~ There’s abso~~~~~lutely no connection at all. I just felt like uploading a picture on that day that’s all. Just want to communicate with everyone. I was thinking uploading a selca but it was raining and I wanted to eat spam kimchi fried rice since that morning so that’s why I uploaded that photo kekekeke Personally I prefer to eat (instant) ramen on rainy days. With some green onion kimchi on the side. 

(*Jonghwan uploaded a selca with the caption “On rainy days it’s spam kimchi fried rice hehe”)


Fan: Makgeolli (white rice wine) and Chijimi (Korean pancakes) always come to mind.

Jonghwan: Makgeolli?? What is that? kekeke I don’t like alcoholic drinks kekekeke 


Fan: A mixture of Makgeolli and soda water is delicious.


Jonghwan: I’m sorry everyone but it’s time to wrap up this chatting session…T___T…Let’s meet again soon…It was a short chatting session but we had fun, didn’t we? 


Fan: Eiii~~~~

Fan: I’ll miss you~~~~

Fan: Love you~ 

Jonghwan: I’m leaving now~ Bye~



source: @ryuhyunju2002 


[140810] Mia Fansigning | cr: dailydaily

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[140810] Mia Fansigning | cr: dailydaily

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[140810] Mia Fansigning | cr: dailydaily

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[140810] Mia Fansigning | cr: jiniwithus

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[140920] 8th Green Ribbon Marathon Festival | cr: 486247

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[140920] 8th Green Ribbon Marathon Festival | cr: BLOSSOM

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[140920] 8th Green Ribbon Marathon Festival | cr: BLOSSOM

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[140810] Uijeongbu Fansigning | cr: dailydaily

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[140810] Uijeongbu Fansigning | cr: dailydaily

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ㅋㅋ Donghae’s dance mistake // cr _EASTSEA_// do not edit